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The best local SEO tracking and business reporting platform
Over 3,500+ users including agencies and digital marketers
What you're gaining from local SEO
Business Listings
Add new and update old business listings to stay consistent, including major sites listed below.
Rank Monitoring
Get updates on ad hoc searches, keywords, and Google Mobile rankings.
Review Acquisition
Receive a full report of how you are ranking through Google My Business. 
In-Depth Reports
Receive monthly reports on different aspects of Local SEO in order to rank better on search engines.
Review Monitoring
Be informed of what people have to say about your business online.
Citation Tracker
Maintain your business listings up-to-date with citation tracking reports.
Analyzing your numbers lead to smart decisions
  •  Snapshots of important metrics in one dashboard
  •  Detailed, personalized reports for analysis
  •  Drag-and-drop layouts to customize your reports
  •  White-label client reporting
  •  Control what your clients see
A guaranteed way to have a quality SEO strategy
  •  Track your rankings in local SEO, organic, maps and mobile
  •  Monitor rankings by city or postal code
  •  Research and identify best and worst keywords
  •  Compare your rankings to other locations
  •  Discover new keywords of high value
Get answers instead of guessing what's right and wrong
  •  Detailed Citation Score report
  •  Locate and fix duplicate listings
  •  Track active citation growth
  •  Discover new citation opportunities
  •  Customize your reports
Monitor your business' reputation and provide feedback
  •  View valuable feedback from customers in one dashboard
  •  Reply to Google and Facebook reviews
  •  Receive alerts when you get a new review
  •  Act against fake reviews
  •  Send your customers to write a review
Optimize your Google My Business profile
  •  Compare your performance against competitors
  •  Get alerts when data is changed
  •  View the most recent reviews and ratings
  •  Check and fix duplicate listings
Get more clients with Local SEO audits
  •  Audit of key local SEO metrics
  •  Visually appealing and easy-to-understand interface
  •  On-site optimization analysis
  •  Tracking of inbound links
  •  Error reporting and page-level anlsis
  •  White label reports
Google Analytics in a simpler format
  •  View the full performance using Google Analytics
  •  Easy-to-interpret interface for new users
  •  Compare rankings, reviews, citations and insights
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